Tausend Bar

You will enjoy this venue -, that is, if you can find it. Tausend Bar is actually hidden under the railway bridge of the S-Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse; there is no sign or lighting -, only a dark iron door- , guarded by a Cerberus at night.

Till Harter, the owner of Berlin’s hottest bar, avoids advertising and PR. He prefers an exquisite clientele: smart and beautiful people, who regularly hang out in the top-bars in New York, Tokyo, Paris, etc. They come here to listen to life jazz and stylish electronic-music, or to dance, small-talk, and socialize in a futuristic ambience. Raise your champagne glasses (or one of the tempting cocktails) to you and your partner. Cheers!


For more impressions, visit: www.tausendberlin.com

Tausend Bar

Schiffbauerdamm 11 10117

Live music and dancing from Wednesday to Sunday, 10 p.m. onwards
We strongly suggest advance reservation:
Phone: +49-30-27-58-20-70
E-mail: host@tausendberlin.com

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