Culture and Escort: Greta Brentano


Your time in Berlin will be twice as rich and intensive, if you share it with a muse.

Like an artist, who receives his inspiration from a kiss of a beauty (or “muse” in the literary world) the wordly man of business will also profit greatly from the kisses of his muse. So spend your precious leisure time in company of a lady, who will inspire and entertain you with intelligence and more …

Your muse will either be an artist, an actress or an academic. She will enrich your conversation with charm and your nightlife with erotic flair. And in case you feel affection for each other, do not hesitate to kiss and to be kissed. Should you are feel like experiencing the permissiveness of Berlin’s exciting nightlife, why not meet your muse together with your wife?

“If men knew what women desire, they would be bolder”, Picasso once said.


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Foto: © Uwe Hauth

Greta Brentano – A Muse tonight®
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