Georg Kolbe Museum

Georg Kolbe


This urban villa is the only Berlin artists’ home that opens its doors to the public.

The idyllic garden and interiors contain sculptures by Georg Kolbe (1877- 1947) alongside other figurative artists such as Richard Scheibe, Rudolf Belling or Gerhard Marcks. The Museum hosts exhibitions by Aristide Maillol, Henry Moore, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Bernhard Heiliger, Max Klinger, Johannes Grützke, A.R. Penck , and many others.

Under the dictatorship of the Third Reich the artist cherished the illusion of being apolitical. Of course Kolbe was never a Nazi. However, he did create a bust of the Spanish Caudillo Francisco Franco as a gift for Adolf Hitler. On the other hand Kolbe’s monument of Hitler’s favorite philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche did not meet the dictator’s approval.

Art works by Kolbe are currently sold for up to several million dollars each.


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Georg Kolbe Museum

Sensburger Allee 25
14055 Berlin-Westend

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Information: Phone: +49-30-304-21-44

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