Wintergarten Vaudeville

Wintergarten PlakatThe film Cabaret (from 1972) starring Liza Minnelli gave an impression of what Berlin’s vaudeville once was – but you can be sure that it’s better now than ever!

That’s why we suggest visiting the Wintergarten. The performance of Der helle Wahnsinn (Sheer Madness) for example, is a surprising and innovative mélange of tragicomic drama, burlesque, acrobatics, and musical. The plot starts where Cabaret ends: with the h
orror of the Third Reich. Because of his homosexuality, the bird of paradise Herbert Freiherr von Heymann has been interned in a mental hospital. Together with his intimates, the baron
bewitches this realm of darkness into a grand tumultuous theater. Only true artists can accomplish such a feat ….

This piece is simply divine. You will be astounded and moved!

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Wintergarten Vaudeville

Potsdamer Straße 96
10785 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Open on Wed. to Sat. from 8 p.m.
Open on Sun. from 6 p.m
Closed on Mon. and Tue.
Phone +49-30-58-84-33

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