Tresor Club

The legend died in 2005 and resurrected in 2007. The new domain in an abandoned power plant looks more like a citadel than a night club.

In 2004, Mike Andrawis presented his documentary The Vault and the Electronic Frontier which made the Tresor famous worldwide. The typical Tresor-techno-sound, familiar to Detroit techno, was born here – performed by DJs like Christian Vogel, Joey Beltram, Neil Landstrumm, and Dave Tarrida.

Spread across 22,000 square meters, the plant can cater to an audience of 2,000 techno fans. Inside, there are three semi-connected floors: the Globus-Bar, the +4Bar for house and experimental electronic music, and then the Tresor, off course, which is reached after a 30m-long tunnel.

This is not a fancy place. But if you consider yourself a freak or a trailblazer, you will definitely find your rhythm here.



For more impressions, visit:

Tresor Club

Köpenicker Strasse 70
10179 Berlin-Mitte

Admission: 21 years and older
Open on Monday and from Wednesday to Saturday,
from midnight onwards – come ready to wait in line.
Booking: Phone: +49-30-69-53-77-3

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