Bocca di Bacco

Going to the Bocca di Bacco is like a trip to Rome or Milan.

The facade is a 19th-century replica of Italian baroque architecture, whereas the interior is genuine contemporary Tuscan design – clear and elegant. The same holds true for la cucina: fish, meat, vegetables, and Italian wine at their freshest and very best.

The service is swift and cheerful; some waitresses and waiters look like Hollywood stars. But real Hollywood stars are also often among the clientele, and guests sit crowded together in the spacious hall like in an authentic Italian taverna.

That’s the kind of vibrant atmosphere that provides inspiration for an exciting night of fun and love…


For more impressions, visit:

Bocca di Bacco

Friedrichstrasse 167
10117 Berlin-Mitte

Open for lunch and dinner from Monday
to Saturday and also on Sunday for dinner
We suggest booking a table well in advance:
Phone: +49-30-20-67-28-28

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