This café restaurant, named after the famous Berlin painter George Grosz, is a replica of the original from the golden twenties.

Roland Mary, who also manages the Borchardt restaurant, will give you an authentic experience of Berlin’s typical art de vivre. As a guest at this illustrious restaurant, you may encounter international fashion designers or models, famous publishers, authors and entertainers, as well as entrepreneurs from around the world. The literary flavor of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Marcel Proust, and Thomas Mann will truly come alive here.

Try Schnitzel à la Graf Holstein or Schinkenmus in Portweingelee (ham mousse in port jelly) – or simply order a morning coffee, to start the day as a true Berliner.


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Kurfürstendamm 193
10707 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Open for breakfast, lunch, teatime
and dinner from Monday to Sunday
Booking: Phone: +49-30-652-14-21-99

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