The Brooklyn

The owner Alexander Schmidt-Vogel was a top manager in New York, but his dearest wish was to bring the genuine NYC atmosphere to the German capital of Berlin.

He offers 150 sorts of Bourbon and the best steaks made from imported MidWest Black Angus beef. “We have a Southbend grill“, explains Schmidt-Vogel, „which can heat up to 850° C. We start with 350°C and finish with 800°C to give your steak that dark, crispy crackling.”

Carnal desire is the primary motivation to visit this beef club, preferably together with a wild and sexy companion.


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The Brooklyn

Köpenicker Strasse 92
10179 Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Open for dinner from Monday to Saturday.
Booking: Phone: +49-30-20-21-58-20

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