Les Solistes at Hotel Waldorf-Astoria


One of the best chefs of Paris, Pierre Gagnaire – who holds three Michelin stars – has opened a French gourmet restaurant in Berlin, managed by his master pupil Roel Lintermans. What can you expect at Les Solistes?

Well, you will enjoy an artful marriage between French haute cuisine and Prussian sophistication and down-to-earthness – no ikebana but real innovations – ideal for a delicious business dinner or a romantic rendezvous. And best of all, every dish will arouse your taste buds with its delectable opulence of flavors.

The service is remarkable, too, thanks to the mâitre d’ Vedad Hadziabdic.


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Foto: Lupo/pixelio


Les Solistes at Hotel Waldorf-Astoria

Hardenbergstraße 26
10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Open for lunch and dinner from Monday to Saturday
We strongly suggest advance reservations:
Phone: +49-30-81-40-00-24-50
E-mail: lessolistes.berlin@waldorfastoria.com

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