The name Reinstoff (German for “pure stuff”) is an indication of Chef Daniel Achilles’ culinary philosophy: focus on the pure natural taste of fish, meat, and vegetables!

He provides two approaches of flavor: the menu ganznah (close by) comprises classic dishes, made from German products that mostly come from the region of Brandenburg, whereas weiterdraußen (further out) offers avant-garde and cosmopolitan cuisine.

Michelin has honored Daniel Achilles with two stars, and Gault Millau has given Reinstoff 18 (of 20) points. That is why various culinary trend scouts and chefs from other top restaurants tend to be frequent guests here.


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Edison Höfe, Schlegelstraße 26c
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Open for dinner Tuesday to Saturday
We strongly suggest advance reservations:
Phone: +49-30-88-12-14

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