Cookies Cream

At Cookies Cream you will experience vegetarian and vegan dining at an exquisite gourmet level.

Most restaurant reviewers declare the dishes that Chef Stephan Hentschel magically conjures up as real innovations, providing happiness to every passionate epicurean. Hentschel uses only the freshest vegetables from the region, and he transforms them into novel and unexpected delicacies. That is why the young chef has been honored as “The Rookie of the Year 2014”.

The restaurant, which was affiliated with the famous night club until June 2014, is a very hip venue and is located in a backyard Berlin loft – far removed from an overtly high-class atmosphere, but still very much filled with sophisticated people.


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Cookies Cream Vegetarian restaurant

Behrenstrasse 55
10177 Berlin-Mitte (close to Westin Grand Hotel)

Open on Tuesday to Saturday 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.
We strongly suggest advance reservations:
Phone: +49-30-27 49-29 40
Internet: OpenTable

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